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Learning when and where to make money writing music can at the best of times be a challenge. I have learned that thinking outside the box for songwriting can open up new possibilities. As my songwriting quest continues, I have endlessly searched the internet for ways to do this. One of the many ways I discovered in the last few weeks are a large range of out-sourcing websites. The list of websites are quite endless and range from people who are searching to hire others to write music for things like video games, jingles, personal songs for a loved one, etc. I decided to give some of these websites a try, and was blissfully happy when I got hired! Through these out-sourcing websites I was hired to write instrumental music for several video games. It’s a wonderful way to get to do what you loved to do, and get paid for it!

Be creative about songwriting, and google ways to make money doing it!

Check out a song I did recently for one of the video games. We added a slideshow presentation to make your listening experience more enjoyable, so keep in mind that the pictures are not a part of the game…the game is in development stage.

Here are a list of some legitimate money making out-sourcing websites, you can make money at a variety of tasks including writing music!







Write every day, sing always!


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