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Hello dear peeps!

One of the great things about living in an age where technology is booming, is the wonder of social media. As a musician/songwriter, I have jumped into this world full force, and have learned so much!  I have pretty much have gotten sucked into this vortex, and my hubby has had to pull me out several times!   I truly enjoy getting to know people, their hopes and dreams either in person or online. I often meet people who have no idea where to begin concerning songwriting. I have found social media to be one of those rabbit holes you can never find the end to!

Let’s begin with some basics. So, perhaps you have a song that’s already written. Maybe you have even recorded it. If you haven’t, check online for some sound editing program software, that you can get for yourself to begin. You can find a lot of them online free. If you are beyond that, you’ll need some great software, like protools, or cubase. There are plenty to choose from. Next, also try to get a webcam, or video camera if you don’t already own one. You want to be able to create videos that are clear in sound and in video. Once you have recorded and videotaped a song…upload it to as many social media sites as you can. Youtube, facebook, twitter, are the big ones…there are many others. Myspace  seems to be on it’s way out!! You can always try! 😉

You want to make sure that the name you use for whatever social media site is the same on each site, and that you link all your sites together. Create a “brand” for yourself, easily recognizable. Do something that is unique in your songs or videos, which will draw others in! If you want suscribers, followers or friends, you need to network as well yourself! Keep your profile picture the same, so people can easily recognize you.  Start a fan page on facebook!  As a musician, I like to use reverbnation to upload my music on my fan page…Also..I can’t emphasize enough to start a blog!

I have recently found a great social networking site called Empire Avenue.   You can add me there if you like!  https://www.empireavenue.com/kimlavigne It allows you to link pretty much all of your sites, and has chat rooms to network with others. It is also somewhat of a game, but I have completely enjoyed my experience with this site, I know you will too!

I have just scratched the surface today with all of this, but we will get into more later!

If you have any questions about the sites I have mentioned, or comments, let me know, I’d love to help you!

Love & Peace



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