Where to start?

Where does a songwriter begin?  We know of course it begins with a song, a thought, an idea, an inspiration.  What would happen to that thought if it never left the thinker?  We would be left with a very bland world.  Many have asked me what comes first...the lyrics or the music?  For me , it mostly occurs at the same time.  Music & lyrics simultaneously.  I often go back over the songs countless times, and others, never get touched again.  I wish I could tell you how many random pieces of paper, and napkins are littered with lyrics, when it was all I could find in a jam!

I began writing songs when I was approximately 6 or 7 years old..however I have improved since then! HAHA!  It was atrociously awful and began something like this: "Oh Mommy, I love you..Oh Daddy I love you"  (By the way, feel free to use these lyrics they are not copyrighted!)  ;) Ironically, I had no musical background, no one around me who was very musically inclined.  But, I knew I loved to sing and to write, so I did!  I have come  a long way since that first song, and have gone through seasons of writer's block and  seasons where I could not find enough paper to write.  One thing is certain: if you want to be successful at it  you can never give up, and you must write often.  Write every day, either it be a song in completion or a concept. Blog, keep a journal, have a pad of paper with you at all times.  If you know you have a weakness i.e. you are great at lyrics but not great at composing...find someone to co-write with.  Join a songwriter's group, you will never regret it!  Network with other songwriters and musicians that will encourage you and give you positive feedback.

I cannot emphasize enough the benefits of networking and social media.  I will focus on this in a later blog..stay tuned!  If you want to get more ideas, inspiration and help...use social media to your maximum capability.  Find out what inspires you, and stay true!  I'd love to hear what inspires all of you!  I listen to a lot of great songwriters for inspiration, I get inspired from the joys and pains of life.  I draw from my experiences and relationships that I have had.  Things that are raw and real move me, so I use it!  Set time aside each day to focus on writing, otherwise time will always pass you by.  What are your struggles when it comes to writing?  Drop me a line if you have questions!

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Exciting news!

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