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Every once in while as a songwriter try something different, out of the norm, and have fun with it! The moment songwriting becomes too repetitious, shake it up a little and enjoy yourself!!

Here is a theme song I wrote, and had fun with!!


This time of year is extremely busy for most, but take the moments that you do have and savour them ! Hug your loved ones, and remember what is important in this life!

Merry Early Christmas!



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So I was blessed to meet many people from Empire Avenue #eav a while back.  I met the creator/designer affectionally called Dups.  This was an interview I gave about it!

Here is my interview:

Empire Avenue is a social media website with an aspect of gamification.   I have enjoyed this website tremendously using it mostly to connect with others, and share things that I enjoy such as my music of course!

Check it out!

This is my ticker and profile on Empire Avenue:


Take care!!

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Learning when and where to make money writing music can at the best of times be a challenge. I have learned that thinking outside the box for songwriting can open up new possibilities. As my songwriting quest continues, I have endlessly searched the internet for ways to do this. One of the many ways I discovered in the last few weeks are a large range of out-sourcing websites. The list of websites are quite endless and range from people who are searching to hire others to write music for things like video games, jingles, personal songs for a loved one, etc. I decided to give some of these websites a try, and was blissfully happy when I got hired! Through these out-sourcing websites I was hired to write instrumental music for several video games. It’s a wonderful way to get to do what you loved to do, and get paid for it!

Be creative about songwriting, and google ways to make money doing it!

Check out a song I did recently for one of the video games. We added a slideshow presentation to make your listening experience more enjoyable, so keep in mind that the pictures are not a part of the game…the game is in development stage.

Here are a list of some legitimate money making out-sourcing websites, you can make money at a variety of tasks including writing music!







Write every day, sing always!

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So I’ve been trying out my hand at slap guitar these last few months.  I wanted to bring something different to the table as a musician that was unique.  As a woman guitar player, it is rare enough to find a woman who can shred a guitar like crazy…but I am working on it!  As a songwriter I have grown a bit tired of the same four chord songs I often hear on the radio, so I hope to create something unique!  Try your hand at something unusual, break out of the box of regular chords and melodies in your songwriting, create something that is true to yourself, yet makes you the only person that does what you do!

Let me know what you guys think!

Check out my new videos:

Kim Jammin’

Musical Interlude

Thanks for listening!


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Hello dear peeps!

One of the great things about living in an age where technology is booming, is the wonder of social media. As a musician/songwriter, I have jumped into this world full force, and have learned so much!  I have pretty much have gotten sucked into this vortex, and my hubby has had to pull me out several times!   I truly enjoy getting to know people, their hopes and dreams either in person or online. I often meet people who have no idea where to begin concerning songwriting. I have found social media to be one of those rabbit holes you can never find the end to!

Let’s begin with some basics. So, perhaps you have a song that’s already written. Maybe you have even recorded it. If you haven’t, check online for some sound editing program software, that you can get for yourself to begin. You can find a lot of them online free. If you are beyond that, you’ll need some great software, like protools, or cubase. There are plenty to choose from. Next, also try to get a webcam, or video camera if you don’t already own one. You want to be able to create videos that are clear in sound and in video. Once you have recorded and videotaped a song…upload it to as many social media sites as you can. Youtube, facebook, twitter, are the big ones…there are many others. Myspace  seems to be on it’s way out!! You can always try! 😉

You want to make sure that the name you use for whatever social media site is the same on each site, and that you link all your sites together. Create a “brand” for yourself, easily recognizable. Do something that is unique in your songs or videos, which will draw others in! If you want suscribers, followers or friends, you need to network as well yourself! Keep your profile picture the same, so people can easily recognize you.  Start a fan page on facebook!  As a musician, I like to use reverbnation to upload my music on my fan page…Also..I can’t emphasize enough to start a blog!

I have recently found a great social networking site called Empire Avenue.   You can add me there if you like!  https://www.empireavenue.com/kimlavigne It allows you to link pretty much all of your sites, and has chat rooms to network with others. It is also somewhat of a game, but I have completely enjoyed my experience with this site, I know you will too!

I have just scratched the surface today with all of this, but we will get into more later!

If you have any questions about the sites I have mentioned, or comments, let me know, I’d love to help you!

Love & Peace


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Where does a songwriter begin?  We know of course it begins with a song, a thought, an idea, an inspiration.  What would happen to that thought if it never left the thinker?  We would be left with a very bland world.  Many have asked me what comes first...the lyrics or the music?  For me , it mostly occurs at the same time.  Music & lyrics simultaneously.  I often go back over the songs countless times, and others, never get touched again.  I wish I could tell you how many random pieces of paper, and napkins are littered with lyrics, when it was all I could find in a jam!

I began writing songs when I was approximately 6 or 7 years old..however I have improved since then! HAHA!  It was atrociously awful and began something like this: "Oh Mommy, I love you..Oh Daddy I love you"  (By the way, feel free to use these lyrics they are not copyrighted!)  ;) Ironically, I had no musical background, no one around me who was very musically inclined.  But, I knew I loved to sing and to write, so I did!  I have come  a long way since that first song, and have gone through seasons of writer's block and  seasons where I could not find enough paper to write.  One thing is certain: if you want to be successful at it  you can never give up, and you must write often.  Write every day, either it be a song in completion or a concept. Blog, keep a journal, have a pad of paper with you at all times.  If you know you have a weakness i.e. you are great at lyrics but not great at composing...find someone to co-write with.  Join a songwriter's group, you will never regret it!  Network with other songwriters and musicians that will encourage you and give you positive feedback.

I cannot emphasize enough the benefits of networking and social media.  I will focus on this in a later blog..stay tuned!  If you want to get more ideas, inspiration and help...use social media to your maximum capability.  Find out what inspires you, and stay true!  I'd love to hear what inspires all of you!  I listen to a lot of great songwriters for inspiration, I get inspired from the joys and pains of life.  I draw from my experiences and relationships that I have had.  Things that are raw and real move me, so I use it!  Set time aside each day to focus on writing, otherwise time will always pass you by.  What are your struggles when it comes to writing?  Drop me a line if you have questions!

Love and Peace,


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I have entered a songwriting competition! I have an opportunity to win a competition to co-write songs with Jason Reeves (has written with Colbie Caillat, Kara Dioguardi-Judge of Amercian Idol) Please Vote for me! Check it out! I am in 2nd place in a song competition! Check your spam mail in case! Please share this also! You can vote with as many emails as you have! Click on this link to vote!


It’s easy…all you do is enter your email..there is no sign-up…and confirm your email! This is an amazing opportunity for me to get to co-write, with an amazing songwriter, as well as a cash prize!

Please share the link..invite your people to also vote!

Thank you all so much for your support!
http://www.youtube.com/user/FreedomWalker77 Here is my channel if you’d like to suscribe!

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